Laser Hair Removal

We invested in the very latest technology so that we can provide our clients with a comfortable procedure that goes further than traditional temporary techniques. Our methods ensure that we will safely and permanently remove all of your unwanted hair forever. We love to meet new clients,

Complimentary Consultation

Before we begin any laser hair removal process, we consult with our clients and provide a complimentary test patch session. During your consultation a test patch is provided to determine a safe and effective setting of the laser for your skin and hair type. We would recommend waiting 48 hours after your patch test before undergoing your first laser hair removal treatment to ensure there is no adverse reaction. Once we have established the safest and most comfortable regimen for your specific skin type, hair colour and hair thickness, we will schedule a personalised program that is optimized specifically for you and your desired results.

How It Works

We pride ourselves on providing the very best experience for our clients. For that reason we invested heavily in the state of the art LightSheer® Desire™ diode laser. This method uses a combination of energy and heat to destroy follicles without harming the skin around them. After a series of sessions, you’ll experience permanent hair reduction.

Because the hair growing cycle occurs in phases and varies from person to person, several treatments are required to disable hair follicles that subsequently enter the growth phase. Each client will be advised as to the approximate number of treatments before the procedure.


Before you begin your hair removal regimen, there are a few pointers for you to be aware of:

  • Like any medical procedure we carefully monitor any medication you may be taking so we strongly advise our clients to tell us about any medications you are currently taking, such as acne medications, hormone treatments, anti-inflammatory medications, and photosensitizing medications can all interfere with the laser hair removal treatment. They can make your skin more sensitive to the light or may even stop the laser from working as effectively. When you come in for your consultation, let the laser hair removal specialist know what medications you’re taking. You may not need to stop taking them, but it’s important they know just in case one of the medications interfere with the treatment.
  • It is also important that you stop waxing, plucking etc at least four weeks before your first appointment. We know, four weeks will seem like a long time, but if you must we ask that you only shave. Other methods pull the hair follicle from the root and the laser will be unable to pick up those follicles, therefore making your treatments less effective.
  • We also strongly advise that you refrain from any tanning. Sun should be avoided in the treated area at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment.  Sun exposure can increase the risk of burning and pigmentation issues.
  • You must also be sure to shave the treated area the day before your appointment.  The laser can still pick up the follicle because the root is not pulled out with shaving. Hair that is not shaved can cause a very painful treatment.

Post care

We recommend that after every treatment our clients abstain from any gym or work-out activity for 24 hours, as sweat can cause some irritation. We also strongly advice that you avoid direct contact with the sun or any tanning after a treatment and that you schedule a follow up appointment 4-6 weeks after your treatment. Some redness and swelling in the area is normal after treatment and may feel similar to a sunburn. This should resolve within several hours to several days after treatment. Apply Aloe Vera to the treatment areas, or use cold compress if necessary.